7 Ways To Improve Your Health And Remove Cellulite

There is some valid reason why you can never seem to love your cellulite or your lumpy, uneven skin. They are that one imperfection that just oozes with unsightliness. They are a complete blot on the landscape, and you will probably do anything just to extinguish them for good. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of cellulite quickly.

As of this writing, there is no known easy cure for cellulite, you have to be dedicated.  But once you have it nothing could totally erase them off from your thighs and butt –  But, that does not mean you do not have the power to lessen their  hideous looking appearance. You can always improve the parts of your skin that look bumpy as there are actually a number of ways you can fix such flaw. All you need to do is not skip this article and read on.

  1. Healthy diet is one key. You have to encourage yourself to get obsessed with vegetables and fruits. If you were never a fan of them, now is the perfect time to be one. Consume edibles that are rich in fiber. Also, whole grain is badass as it helps you get rid of toxins present in your intestinal tract.
  2. Regularly massage the areas where you can find them nasty cellulite lumps. It makes your skin look more even. It is believed to break up fluids and improve circulation in those parts.
  3. You need to exercise. First, you must understand that cellulite is a frigging fat. What is one of the best ways to lose fat? Exercising, it is! It can be swimming, walking, jogging, hiking, yoga… as long as you are moving and sweating it out!  It is one, great method to keep your muscles and skin toned. You got to practice dope butt and leg exercises as cellulite usually appear in those areas. That way, you can firm your skin up.
  4. dry brushingHave you heard of “dry brushing” before? Well, it is a nice antidote for cellulite, too! The name says it all—you stroke your skin using some dry brush. You got to do it in a circular motion (not back-and-forth please). Do such thing regularly and you would notice some fine changes in no time.
  5. Moisturize, baby. You can never go wrong with moisturizing. There are millions of excellent products in stores today, so take advantage of that. Pick that one moisturizer which you think is best for your skin type, and slather it on your cellulite day and night.
  6. Here is a secret–GELATIN! Heard through the grapevine, it acts against cellulite so it would be much better if you eat plenty of it. It is said to aid in tightening up loose skin. It is also an awesome source of this thing called “dietary collagen” as well as protein, two important things for the improvement of your flawed skin.
  7. Drink lots of water. Surprise! It keeps your body hydrated, and it is a natural way to moisturize and give life to your skin. Eight up to ten glasses of H20 a day is enough to keep cellulite away.



Home Training And Why I Fell Head Over Heels For It

Yes, it was fun training at some public gym with guys and girls who had the same goal as mine (which was to lose the flab and get in shape, it also helped me get more speed and power into my techinques). It was doing me good, and everything felt fine—I was able to shed a couple of pounds and I was enjoying the whole experience. But, boy did I quit after some time.

Well, I realized that fitness could also exist at home and not just in the gym. In the confines of your own home, you can also do workouts. I am obviously talking about home fitness. I’ve been doing it for some time now and I am absolutely in love with it. It just could not get any better.

How did it all start?  I did some research. The fact is, I stumbled upon this home fitness article online and that was basically the beginning. It enlightened me about such thing, that I could actually transform a vacant space at home into my very own gym. Also, that I could bring my gym routines into my humble abode. I read about countless of personal home training experiences from people, and those kind of encouraged me to do it myself. Eventually, I did.

The next part was buying workout equipment. I admit, I enjoyed the purchasing so much. I was comparing prices from one store to another and I was also looking for deals online so I could get stuff that were of excellent quality but were priced less expensively. And, I was not even that kind of person before this home training hullabaloo. Ha!  Anyways, I did not buy those things other people got. I got some that interest me most. I bought gym equipment suited for my preferences and the routines I wished to do. I also made sure that all those things could fit in that little area I decided to transform into my home gym.

The first thing I bought was a power rack, this enabled me to do pull up bar exercises to help build my back and arm muscles, once I had that I thought I may as well just go the whole way and get a complete home gym set.

After everything was set up, I already started training as I could wait no more. I did not even need to shell out some bucks for a personal trainer as there were gazillions of home fitness videos on YouTube that were so readily available. That site got excellent how-to stuff and it was pretty easy mimicking the routines. They would tell you to start from less demanding routines till you are comfortable enough to execute more complicated moves.

I have been into home training for months now, and I do not wish to quit this thing. I am more motivated than ever, and I am excited to continue with this as long as I am able. I am madly in love with it, all thanks to its convenience. I am happy with the results I have been getting. I am constantly losing excess weight, my muscles look more toned now. In my own unbiased opinion, I would prefer home training over regular trips to the gym. Why?  Just because.


Overweight People And Martial Arts

Now we have all seen Sammo Hung and thought fat people can excel in martial arts as well right? Well yes and no. A key aspect of martial arts is having endurance, agility and speed. All of which can be greatly impaired by being overweight. Now don’t go thinking I’m overweight so I shouldn’t even bother taking up martial arts.

The benefit of martial arts (amongst other benefits) is increasing your overall fitness, that’s right it is calorie burning stuff! In the words of Neil Degrasse Tyson “Consume calories at a lower rate than your body burns them” of course there is a bit more to it than that but the general gist of what I am trying to say is if you eat well and practice martial arts you will certainly lose weight.

What is the healthy weight range for men you should ideally be in between 10 – 20 percent body fat for healthy weight but not for martial arts and for women you are looking at 15- 25 percent. For women it is much harder to lose weight and keep it off hence the reason there is so many women’s weight loss programs and much fewer men’s programs out there. You can learn martial arts at any size, but to be competitive it is ideal to be at a healthy weight.

Many have opted for the joe’s fat sick and nearly dead diet as seen in his documentary although it is easy and fast it does not seem like a healthy way of getting there.

Is there any martial arts out there for bigger people?

Yes there certainly is Aikido and Tai chi are considered soft arts in the respect that they redirect the opponents force and rely much less on strikes, Kung Fu and Taekwando are high impact arts that require a lot of energy and acrobatics, speed, agility etc. Being overweight will certainly not hamper your ability to do the high impact arts because you can learn at any size.


You do not have to have a six pack, you do not have to look like Bruce Lee to learn self defense. Although it will help you with your fitness and your discipline which are key aspects when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals. Practice an art today you have nothing to lose except for that bothersome spare tyre and everything to gain!