Jackie Chans Personal Views On MMA Fighting

jackie_chan_snake_in_the_eagles_shadow-300x225Jackie Chan is probably one of the most famous martial arts experts who is recognized all over the world. This international film actor has starred in over 150 films and is known for choreographing and performing all the incredible stunts in his movies. Furthermore, he is also regarded as the inventor of the comedic martial arts genre.

Jackie Chan’s Martial Arts Skills and Training

It is not really surprising that Jackie Chan has become an expert in the field of martial arts and also a big screen superstar. At the young age of seven years old, he was enrolled in the Chinese Opera Research Institute where he trained for the Peking Opera for over ten years. (martial arts based performance)

During this decade-long training, he became skilled in acrobatics and martial arts for entertainment purposes. He was able to hone his skills and master the art of Hapkido, Shaolin Kung-fu, and Tae Kwon Do at the institute, which was headed by Master Yu Jim Yuen at that time.

Among these three types of martial arts, he focused more on his training in Hapkido. He took this martial art very seriously and constantly practiced for hours to polish his craft. Through his competence and hard work, he eventually became a black belt in Hapkido under the supervision of Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim. In one interview, Grandmaster Kim even said that Jackie Chan was one of the most hardworking people he had ever known.

Jackie Chan’s Honest Thoughts on MMA Fighting

ground-and-pound-300x200Perhaps, you have already heard of MMA fighting or even watched a fight on television. Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, MMA is simply the acronym for Mixed Martial Arts.

As the name suggests, MMA allows the fighters to make use of different types of fighting styles and techniques from various kinds of martial arts. This combat sport can be considered as one of the most rapidly growing and increasingly popular sport nowadays.

Being considered as a living legend when it comes to martial arts, many people are interested to hear about Jackie Chan’s personal views on MMA fighting. With this, during an interview for the promotion of his movie The Spy Next Door, the martial arts action superstar was asked if he likes MMA.

To this question he answered candidly that he doesn’t really like what people know as “ultimate fighting.” According to him, MMA is too violent and he doesn’t like the fact that the fighters are put in some kind of a cage.

Moreover, he spoke his mind when he added that martial arts should involve respect. Jackie Chan said that when a fighter is already knocked down, the other one should stop hitting. Furthermore, he stated that the true martial artist will help the other fighter up and even ask him if he’s okay or if they should continue with the match. Clearly, all these things are not present in any MMA fight.

Final Thoughts

jackie_chan_a-fighters-pose1-232x300Jackie Chan’s personal standpoint regarding MMA is somewhat typical considering that his martial arts training was geared towards performing on stage for entertainment purposes. He has no background when it comes to full-contact fighting, competitive combat sports, or even defensive martial arts. In addition, Jackie Chan didn’t show affinity for groundwork in his martial arts choreography, unlike his predecessor Bruce Lee.

While some people such as Jackie Chan find MMA’s level of violence to be too high or do not approve of the mechanics, there are some who enjoy watching the match and see it as a combat sport that measures strength and endurance. Regardless of which type of person you are, everyone should remember that each person is entitled to his own views and should be respected for his perspectives.