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AP Traffic e Challan Status Online - Andhra Pradesh eChallan Payment Information (5)AP Traffic e Challan Status Online - Andhra Pradesh eChallan Payment Information (6)

E-challan status & online challan payment information

Challan Articles

Documents you should carry while driving a car to avoid challan

Don’t miss out on your pending e-challans by doing this!

Here's why Park+ is the best e-challan app!

How does someone get a traffic challan?

How to check and pay your e-challan online?

India Motor Vehicle Act

What happens if you don't pay e-challan?

Complete guide to violations and penalties

Andhra Pradesh e-challan: Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution

How to check Andhra Pradesh Traffic e-challan status?

Access to this is just a click away. One can check the Andhra Pradesh traffic police e-challan status using apechallan website.

Use the Park app and know your challan status in two simple steps:

  • Visit the Andra Pradesh e-Challan web portal on the Park+ website.
  • Enter your vehicle number and get your challan status details.

    Use the ape challan app website of the Government of India to check your challan status:

  • Visit the apechallan.
  • Enter your vehicle number.
  • From the list of your challans, select the one for which you want to know the status.

    How to pay Andhra Pradesh traffic e challan issued by Andhra Pradesh traffic police?

    You can pay an e-challan issued by the Andhra Pradesh traffic police online and offline.

Paying traffic e-challan online:

Using ap e-challan website:

You can pay your Andhra Pradesh traffic e-challan using the Government of India's official e-challan website.

  • Visit the e-challan webpage.
  • Enter your Vehicle number.
  • Then, proceed with the Captcha code and select "Get Details".
  • Now, from the list of e-challans, select the one for which you want to make the acceptable payment at the moment; remember the max time deadline by the government is 60 days.
  • The pending amount shall be displayed along with your offence details.
  • Proceed with the payment just with a click
  • Upon successfully completing the process, you will receive a confirmation along with the transaction ID as a message or email.

    Paying Andhra Pradesh traffic e-challan offline:

    If you prefer to pay your e-challan Andhra Pradesh police fine offline or in person, you can visit a nearby police station or any traffic police officer. If you received an actual copy or letter of the violation at your home, bring it with you to the police station or the traffic police inspector. The traffic inspector at the police station will inform you of the fines and fees, which you can pay using any accepted payment method.

    Know now documents you should carry.

    What are the latest traffic violations and their penalties in Andhra Pradesh?

    The government has given the newest batch of breaches and sanctions under the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019. You may be handed an AP traffic police challan if you do not comply. Here is a list of some of them.

    Violations Charges

  • Vehicles without a license plate cost between Rs. 150 and Rs. 500.
  • Taxi drivers that misbehave or do not wear uniforms pay 150 rupees.
  • Failure to show a driving license when requested and driving without a headlight and horn will result in fines ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 750.
  • Non-compliance with police directives by two-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, and light-motor vehicles 750 rupees
  • Heavy vehicles that do not obey police directives are fined Rs. 1,000.

    Traffic Violations that are subject to E-Challans

    Indeed, the following offences can result in a penalty or an e-challan in Andhra Pradesh

  • Improper lane changing/rash driving
  • lack of vehicle papers and documents such as a driving license, RC, or insurance
  • Over-speeding
  • Overtaking
  • Improper number plate display, letters that are not following the guidelines
  • Improper use of vehicle lights
  • Failure to obey traffic signals

    To know What happens when you don't pay.

    What are the basic road safety rules in Andhra Pradesh?

    Measures on Road Traffic injury prevention

    Preventing Road Traffic Injuries Measures

  • The Use of Helmets

    • Head injuries are the leading cause of death among two-wheeler riders, and they may usually be avoided by wearing a helmet. Helmets provide excellent protection for the rider against such injuries. Head injuries are common among moped and motorcycle riders in most developed countries. According to experts, riders who did not wear helmets were three times more likely to get brain injuries than those who did. Properly padded helmets are a safe option for two-wheeler riders in India. The government and other organizations have mandated the use of helmets.
  • The use of seat belts

    • Though overspending is not permitted, it has been discovered that when a person wears a seat belt, they are safer in the event of an accident than those who do not. Traffic laws also require seat belts. It reduces the cause of mortality by 40%.
  • Alcohol limitations in driving are enforced or altogether prohibited

    • Alcohol drinking by vehicle drivers is one of the leading causes of accidents, fatalities, and serious injuries. The widespread use of random breath testing achieves maximum compliance with loss. The most effective instruments are breath testing equipment that provides objective evidence of blood alcohol levels.
  • Excessive speed and speed limits

    • The faster drivers travel, the less time they have to stop and escape a collision. When an accident occurs, the higher the speed, the more intense the impact. Vulnerable road users and other motor vehicles are particularly susceptible to injury from speeding motor vehicles. Speed limits that road users believe to be realistic and self-enforcing have the best likelihood of being enforced. Drivers that exceed speed restrictions might be caught by speed cameras or radar. According to a recent study of data from multiple countries, devices that automatically detect and stop drivers cut road deaths and serious injuries by 14%. It has been discovered that publicizing the presence of speed cameras or radars increases compliance with speed laws and significantly reduces the occurrence of crashes and injuries.
  • Improving care before patients arrive at a hospital

    • According to a study that compared road traffic mortality in various nations, the vast majority of deaths in poor and middle-income countries occur before reaching the hospital. There are limited emergency services near the scene of road crashes on national, state, and other roadways. Bystanders, relatives, or other road users rescue injured people and transfer them to a hospital.

    Some other safety rules to prevent Hyderabad traffic challan

  • Driving A Vehicle Without A License:

    • One of the most prevalent violations we see drivers commit is driving without a license. This crime is punishable under MV Act 181 with a fine of up to INR 500/- for primary vehicles such as two, three, four, and six-wheelers.
  • Driving a Vehicle Without Registration:

    • A vehicle's registration is crucial since it provides the RTO with all the vehicle's details and ownership. This violation is covered under MV Act 192. (1). The fine for a two, three, four, or six-wheeler is INR 2000/-.
  • Driving Without Insurance:
    • Car insurance is necessary since it covers your expenses in vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. Driving without insurance is punishable by a fine of up to INR 1000/- for two, three, four, and six-wheelers.
  • Driving Without A Permit:
    • If you have a learner's or provisional license, you must obtain a driving permit—this aids in maintaining a record for the State's RTO. Failure to do so will result in a Court or an RTA challan.
  • Underage Driving:
    • It is vital to manage underage driving since minors lack driving awareness and are more likely to be involved in an accident. Minor drivers would be fined Rs 500/- for two, three, four, and six-wheelers under MV Act 181.
  • Driving Without A PUC Certificate:

    • To reduce pollution, it is now required to have your vehicle checked with a recognized PUC authority and obtain a PUC certificate. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to INR 1000/- from the Hyderabad Traffic Police.

    Repercussion of Offences commit while driving

  • Violation of No Entry or One Way:

    • The Hyderabad RTO issues a maximum challan of INR 200/- for two, three, four, and six-wheelers under Section 144 of the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • To drive a car dangerously at high speeds, to drive rashly and negligently, and to endanger others:

    • Driving rashly and at excessive speed will invariably result in tragic accidents for both the driver and passengers. It also threatens the lives of other drivers on the road. Under the MV Act 184, INR 1000 will be charged a challan to discourage such behaviour. A judicial case will also be filed in this regard.
  • Driving on Footpaths:

    • Nearly 53 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in Hyderabad in 2019. As a result, the Hyderabad traffic laws include a variety of penalties to improve pedestrian safety on the roads. RTC Mobile Court OR RTA fines ranging from INR 50/- to INR 200/- are among the punishments. These penalties are recorded following M.V.Act 123.
  • To Flee After a Car Accident:
    • Cases such as hit-and-run have significant ramifications, with heavy penalties based on the accident's severity. They will file a case against the accused in court.
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road:
    • Driving sides vary from country to country. We drive on the left side of the road in India. Failure to do so may result in a challan of INR 1100 for any car.
  • Riding a Motorcycle/Bike with Three Individuals:

    • Motorcycles and bikes are not designed to transport three people. A motorcycle makes the driver unbalanced, which might lead to an accident. Under the M.V.Act 128/177, 184, the RTO in Hyderabad has a challan of INR 1200.
  • Helmet Use:

    • In the last year alone, there were 136 deaths and 1313 injuries in Hyderabad due to traffic accidents. There were around 50 cases involving only two-wheelers. Wearing a safety-approved helmet can be the difference between life and death. Hyderabad traffic rules contain a challan of INR 200 under the M.V. Act 129/177 to encourage the public to wear helmets.
  • Speeding:

    • Failure to obey speed restrictions has immediate consequences. They impose an INR 1400 on the offender under M.V. Act 183, 184, which the State's RTO issues. If it results in an accident, an extra INR 1000 is levied.
  • Operating a vehicle after consuming intoxicants/substances (narco-drugs):

    • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in tragic accidents. They registered over 2900 drunk driving cases with Hyderabad traffic police in the first half of 2019. The motorist is penalized under M.V.Act 185, and a court action is filed.
  • Using mobile phones while driving a vehicle:

    • Most accidents occur because of the lack of concentration on the road by drivers. Mobile phones are a significant reason for that. Texting/talking/clicking photos all amount to distractions. Under section M.V.Act 184(a), a maximum penalty of INR 1000 can be issued to the driver.

    To know How does someone get a traffic challan.

    Other safety precautions for two-wheeler drivers in Andhra Pradesh include:

  • Wear approved safety helmets: The driver and the pillion rider must wear appropriate safety helmets to protect themselves from severe head injuries. It is also a good idea to wear knee and elbow protectors.

  • Only one pillion rider: On a two-wheeler, only one pillion passenger is permitted to ride behind the driver. Motorcyclists and scooter drivers are not allowed to transport more than one passenger. Tripling on a two-wheeler is an offence in the eyes of the average person.


How can I check traffic penalties in Andhra Pradesh online?

In Andhra, you may check your traffic penalties online using Apechallan.

How long should an e-challan be paid?

An e-challan must be paid within 60 days of being issued.

How can I examine the Andhra Pradesh police traffic acceptable receipt?

Enter your vehicle number into the apechallan webpage. There you will find all of the information regarding your e-challan and a link to download the receipt.

What happens if an e-challan is not paid?

If an e-challan is not paid: the guilty person will receive a summons from the court and will be summoned to clarify to the judge on breaking the law.Second, if the person refuses to appear in court and pay the e-challan, his license will be suspended.

What should I do about the incorrect challan issued by the Andhra Pradesh traffic police?

You can make a complaint online with Andhra Pradesh Police Traffic Police issuing challan against bogus number place, Wrong Challan or Payment difficulties using the Andhra Pradesh Police online complaint system. The following is a guide and step-by-step procedure for filing a complaint with the Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police:

How to File a Complaint with the AP Traffic Police

Step 1: Go to the Andhra Pradesh Police AP E-challan Website. On the front page of the website, the following Menu will show.

Step 2: Select COMPLAINTS.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks with the necessary information.

  • Type of Complaint:
  • Choose Complaint Type from the drop-down menu (Fake Number Place, Wrong Challan, Payment Issue)
  • Vehicle Identification Number:
  • Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Name: Enter your name here.
  • No. Of phone: Enter your mobile phone number.
  • E-mail: Enter your email address here.

Step 4: Click the Submit Button.Your complaint has been filed with the AP Police. You will receive an online acknowledgement on your contact number.

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