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How You Can Turn Your Home Into A Personal Gym

A lot of people definitely want to achieve muscular or toned bodies which they can flaunt during the summer time and it has it’s practical uses for self defense. In order to achieve the bodies that they have always wanted, they follow certain dietary meal plans. These meals typically consist of the nutrients that they need for muscular growth, such as protein, carbs and micronutrients, without the unwanted ones, such as processed foods.

However, the consumption of a dietary meal plan is not enough for you to have a toned body. You will need to couple it with physical activity. In this case, you will also need to follow a workout program. The program includes different exercises that target different parts of the body.

Most individuals usually go to gym to do their workouts. There are already numerous gyms that exist almost anywhere. All you need to do is apply for a membership to start using their facilities. Other people who have enough finances may even opt to purchase gym equipment that they can set up in their homes or in their offices. In this manner, they can perform physical exercises at any time.

Like most people, though, you may be living a busy life and spend a lot of time at work. As a result, you do not have time to go to a gym, which may be located too far away from either your own home or your office. Aside from that, you might not be able to afford the purchase of gym equipment as you only earn an average income. If your budget is stretched as well as your time and space go for dumbbells. The best adjustable dumbbells will cost a bit upfront but they will be space efficient and saves you having to purchase a whole set, you will see what I mean when you follow the link.

If you cannot afford or do not wish to purchase dumbbells, you do not actually need to go to the gym to be able to do your workouts. It is not even necessary for you to spend money on a gym membership or the purchase of gym equipment. You have to realize that you can find all the things you need for an effective workout in your own home.

There are a lot of exercises which you can perform at home. You can improvise some things and create a gym equipment out of items that you can find in your house. You can even make use of the different areas of your property. Here are a couple of exercises that you can do with your household items.

You can actually perform modified push ups at home. When you do a standard push up, it strengthens the chest area, the arms and the back. However, if you increase the difficulty of such push up and perform it on an inclined angle, then, you have the chance to work your core muscles out. For this situation, you can make use of your kitchen counter tops. You can place both of your hands at the edge of the counter top and perform a regular push up. You just have to make sure, though, that your body is at an inclined angle for the exercise to be effective. With this angle, you do not need too much arm and chest strength. If you want to challenge yourself, then, you can do a modified push up with your hands on the floor and put your feet on an elevated area, such as a sofa or a chair.

You can also perform sofa squats. When you squat, you are working out your glutes as well as your legs. Squats can also give you a toned butt and probably make it bigger, too. At times, it may get tiring for you to do squats. As a result, when your legs are about to give up, you find yourself on the floor. In this case, you might want to perform your squats near the sofa. When you get into the squat position, you should make sure that your butt touches the sofa lightly. This way, when you do not have leg strength anymore, the sofa will catch you and you will not hurt your butt.

push ups on the stairs

The stairs in your home can also be a perfect alternative for a gym equipment. You may do step ups on the stairs. To do this, you should leave your left foot on the landing step. Afterwards, you should put your right foot on any step that will make your right knee bend at an angle of 90 degrees. Then, you must lift your left foot by placing your body weight on your right foot yet maintaining the angle on the right knee. You should do this for 30 seconds and then repeat the same action for the left foot.


7 Ways To Improve Your Health And Remove Cellulite

There is some valid reason why you can never seem to love your cellulite or your lumpy, uneven skin. They are that one imperfection that just oozes with unsightliness. They are a complete blot on the landscape, and you will probably do anything just to extinguish them for good. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of cellulite quickly.

As of this writing, there is no known easy cure for cellulite, you have to be dedicated.  But once you have it nothing could totally erase them off from your thighs and butt –  But, that does not mean you do not have the power to lessen their  hideous looking appearance. You can always improve the parts of your skin that look bumpy as there are actually a number of ways you can fix such flaw. All you need to do is not skip this article and read on.

  1. Healthy diet is one key. You have to encourage yourself to get obsessed with vegetables and fruits. If you were never a fan of them, now is the perfect time to be one. Consume edibles that are rich in fiber. Also, whole grain is badass as it helps you get rid of toxins present in your intestinal tract.
  2. Regularly massage the areas where you can find them nasty cellulite lumps. It makes your skin look more even. It is believed to break up fluids and improve circulation in those parts.
  3. You need to exercise. First, you must understand that cellulite is a frigging fat. What is one of the best ways to lose fat? Exercising, it is! It can be swimming, walking, jogging, hiking, yoga… as long as you are moving and sweating it out!  It is one, great method to keep your muscles and skin toned. You got to practice dope butt and leg exercises as cellulite usually appear in those areas. That way, you can firm your skin up.
  4. dry brushingHave you heard of “dry brushing” before? Well, it is a nice antidote for cellulite, too! The name says it all—you stroke your skin using some dry brush. You got to do it in a circular motion (not back-and-forth please). Do such thing regularly and you would notice some fine changes in no time.
  5. Moisturize, baby. You can never go wrong with moisturizing. There are millions of excellent products in stores today, so take advantage of that. Pick that one moisturizer which you think is best for your skin type, and slather it on your cellulite day and night.
  6. Here is a secret–GELATIN! Heard through the grapevine, it acts against cellulite so it would be much better if you eat plenty of it. It is said to aid in tightening up loose skin. It is also an awesome source of this thing called “dietary collagen” as well as protein, two important things for the improvement of your flawed skin.
  7. Drink lots of water. Surprise! It keeps your body hydrated, and it is a natural way to moisturize and give life to your skin. Eight up to ten glasses of H20 a day is enough to keep cellulite away.



Home Training And Why I Fell Head Over Heels For It

Yes, it was fun training at some public gym with guys and girls who had the same goal as mine (which was to lose the flab and get in shape, it also helped me get more speed and power into my techinques). It was doing me good, and everything felt fine—I was able to shed a couple of pounds and I was enjoying the whole experience. But, boy did I quit after some time.

Well, I realized that fitness could also exist at home and not just in the gym. In the confines of your own home, you can also do workouts. I am obviously talking about home fitness. I’ve been doing it for some time now and I am absolutely in love with it. It just could not get any better.

How did it all start?  I did some research. The fact is, I stumbled upon this home fitness article online and that was basically the beginning. It enlightened me about such thing, that I could actually transform a vacant space at home into my very own gym. Also, that I could bring my gym routines into my humble abode. I read about countless of personal home training experiences from people, and those kind of encouraged me to do it myself. Eventually, I did.

The next part was buying workout equipment. I admit, I enjoyed the purchasing so much. I was comparing prices from one store to another and I was also looking for deals online so I could get stuff that were of excellent quality but were priced less expensively. And, I was not even that kind of person before this home training hullabaloo. Ha!  Anyways, I did not buy those things other people got. I got some that interest me most. I bought gym equipment suited for my preferences and the routines I wished to do. I also made sure that all those things could fit in that little area I decided to transform into my home gym.

The first thing I bought was a power rack, this enabled me to do pull up bar exercises to help build my back and arm muscles, once I had that I thought I may as well just go the whole way and get a complete home gym set.

After everything was set up, I already started training as I could wait no more. I did not even need to shell out some bucks for a personal trainer as there were gazillions of home fitness videos on YouTube that were so readily available. That site got excellent how-to stuff and it was pretty easy mimicking the routines. They would tell you to start from less demanding routines till you are comfortable enough to execute more complicated moves.

I have been into home training for months now, and I do not wish to quit this thing. I am more motivated than ever, and I am excited to continue with this as long as I am able. I am madly in love with it, all thanks to its convenience. I am happy with the results I have been getting. I am constantly losing excess weight, my muscles look more toned now. In my own unbiased opinion, I would prefer home training over regular trips to the gym. Why?  Just because.


Overweight People And Martial Arts

Now we have all seen Sammo Hung and thought fat people can excel in martial arts as well right? Well yes and no. A key aspect of martial arts is having endurance, agility and speed. All of which can be greatly impaired by being overweight. Now don’t go thinking I’m overweight so I shouldn’t even bother taking up martial arts.

The benefit of martial arts (amongst other benefits) is increasing your overall fitness, that’s right it is calorie burning stuff! In the words of Neil Degrasse Tyson “Consume calories at a lower rate than your body burns them” of course there is a bit more to it than that but the general gist of what I am trying to say is if you eat well and practice martial arts you will certainly lose weight.

What is the healthy weight range for men you should ideally be in between 10 – 20 percent body fat for healthy weight but not for martial arts and for women you are looking at 15- 25 percent. For women it is much harder to lose weight and keep it off hence the reason there is so many women’s weight loss programs and much fewer men’s programs out there. You can learn martial arts at any size, but to be competitive it is ideal to be at a healthy weight.

Many have opted for the joe’s fat sick and nearly dead diet as seen in his documentary although it is easy and fast it does not seem like a healthy way of getting there.

Is there any martial arts out there for bigger people?

Yes there certainly is Aikido and Tai chi are considered soft arts in the respect that they redirect the opponents force and rely much less on strikes, Kung Fu and Taekwando are high impact arts that require a lot of energy and acrobatics, speed, agility etc. Being overweight will certainly not hamper your ability to do the high impact arts because you can learn at any size.


You do not have to have a six pack, you do not have to look like Bruce Lee to learn self defense. Although it will help you with your fitness and your discipline which are key aspects when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals. Practice an art today you have nothing to lose except for that bothersome spare tyre and everything to gain!



Police Story 2 Review

Police Story 2 is a continuation of Police Story’s (1985) storyline, although it has changed in a number of ways – slower in pace, less comedy, as well as the action. Although this is not one of the best martial arts movies ever produced, it is still one of my personal favorites.

In this franchise Brigitte Lin exits the picture with Maggie Cheung, playing May, taking place to continue her relationship with Jackie Chan’s character. Chan Ka-Kui is demoted here as a traffic enforcer after causing trouble for the police department. He is later surprised to see John Ko, together with Chu Tao, who both have apparently managed to get out of prison fast. John Ko threatens Ka-Kui and the safety of his girlfriend to avenge themselves.

jackie-and-maggie-300x169After a series of harassments received by May, Ka-Kui loses his temper and attacks John Ko inside a restaurant. This encounter ended with a vehicle crashing into the establishment. Because of this yet another offense, and the fact that his job is putting May in jeopardy, he decides to quit being a police officer.

But fate seems to want to keep Ka-Kui in service because as he and May plan their vacation, some sort of terrorist act destroys an entire establishment where they were coincidentally at. Being a skilful police officer that he is, he was able to keep hundreds of people away from harm. And because of this incident his superior and uncle convinced him to take the lead in seizing the men behind the bombing.

This is where Police Story 2 takes off, although the entire plot is thin. It did not help that the movie contained two antagonist roles where both seemed to be a major threat to Ka-Kui. It is quite understandable as, again, this is a continuation – though it is a factor making the story weak and slow in pace. The two diverging elements did not work together and thus had no impact to give the entire movie.

Moreover, the two-hour movie could prove to be dragging. Especially if you need subtitles to understand what is happening; given that the Chinese dialogue and its English translation did not correspond well (the Chinese seem to finish their sentences faster), a movie such as this that exceeds the normal 90-minute running time could be a task exhausting for the foreign audience. The English-dubbed version? Don’t, as it actually ruins the dialogue making it lousy.

But the plot is not the worst in all of action movies. Though it was thin, it still made sense. It cannot be considered as the film’s weakness. In fact, it doesn’t have any.

And who would disagree that Jackie Chan’s comic timing is perfect? This movie may have less laughs than the first one but it was nevertheless entertaining. One would see how and why Chan has achieved his iconic funny martial arts guy image, not only in this movie but in each of his projects.

While the plot presents itself as a regular action narrative – nothing amazing – the action proves to be the thing to look forward to the most. But of course, this is a Jackie Chan movie! Not to mention in his young and most energetic years. Literally every scene involves heart-stopping moves that gives the audience complete satisfaction. His amazing use of props and incredible acrobatic skills label each scene as action-packed. Though as a Jackie Chan fan, we all know that saying “action-packed” and “Jackie Chan” in a sentence is an example of redundancy.

What could be considered the most admirable thing in terms of the action in this movie is that though the common absurd concepts are there, they do not appear as one.

For instance, the hundred-henchmen attack is unsurprisingly present but surprisingly good. Out of all the movies produced and shown to the mainstream audience, Jackie Chan was the only one who managed to convince his audience that this ridiculous scene could be entertaining more than annoying.

Watching this 1988 movie – and all other Jackie Chan movies of that era for that matter – more than 20 years later brings today’s audience to the realization that films like this are a big slap to the face of current movie makers.

If you think you’ve seen the greatest action in movies ever from the productions of 2000’s, then you probably haven’t watched these Police Stories. It wouldn’t be dubious to think that all the more recent action films try to be as good as this movie but fail big time. No one can throw and use furniture better than this Jackie Chan.

Indeed, Police Story 2 contains one of the best action scenes in the history of this industry. Jackie Chan is not only superior in fighting, he is also a great director. His clean and steady takes at all the fight scenes provide its audience a wonderful view of choreography that is very realistic and cringe-worthy.

His work proves how passionate and dedicated he is in bringing good action to his audience. You would in no way see any actor today who would put his life at risk, just as this guy, to show daring stunts that in many instances injured him.

And of course, let’s not forget his equally dedicated team and stuntmen who are as great in executing stunts with Jackie Chan. Falling on metal fences, crashing through glasses, being kicked on the head by the master? These stuntmen are to be admired for their dedicated contribution. This is what we should be seeing more from action movies of today – henchmen that are likewise skilled, instead of seemingly dummies throwing pointless punches and kicks to the main character.

This is one of Jackie Chan’s best. In fact, looking at the quality of his movies throughout his career in retrospect is like going downstairs one step lower at a time in terms of the action. Make no mistake, all his other films still goes at the top of the ranks. But this movie proves why he is still the best in this genre. It would be very difficult to beat it!


Jackie Chans Personal Views On MMA Fighting

jackie_chan_snake_in_the_eagles_shadow-300x225Jackie Chan is probably one of the most famous martial arts experts who is recognized all over the world. This international film actor has starred in over 150 films and is known for choreographing and performing all the incredible stunts in his movies. Furthermore, he is also regarded as the inventor of the comedic martial arts genre.

Jackie Chan’s Martial Arts Skills and Training

It is not really surprising that Jackie Chan has become an expert in the field of martial arts and also a big screen superstar. At the young age of seven years old, he was enrolled in the Chinese Opera Research Institute where he trained for the Peking Opera for over ten years. (martial arts based performance)

During this decade-long training, he became skilled in acrobatics and martial arts for entertainment purposes. He was able to hone his skills and master the art of Hapkido, Shaolin Kung-fu, and Tae Kwon Do at the institute, which was headed by Master Yu Jim Yuen at that time.

Among these three types of martial arts, he focused more on his training in Hapkido. He took this martial art very seriously and constantly practiced for hours to polish his craft. Through his competence and hard work, he eventually became a black belt in Hapkido under the supervision of Grandmaster Jin Pal Kim. In one interview, Grandmaster Kim even said that Jackie Chan was one of the most hardworking people he had ever known.

Jackie Chan’s Honest Thoughts on MMA Fighting

ground-and-pound-300x200Perhaps, you have already heard of MMA fighting or even watched a fight on television. Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, MMA is simply the acronym for Mixed Martial Arts.

As the name suggests, MMA allows the fighters to make use of different types of fighting styles and techniques from various kinds of martial arts. This combat sport can be considered as one of the most rapidly growing and increasingly popular sport nowadays.

Being considered as a living legend when it comes to martial arts, many people are interested to hear about Jackie Chan’s personal views on MMA fighting. With this, during an interview for the promotion of his movie The Spy Next Door, the martial arts action superstar was asked if he likes MMA.

To this question he answered candidly that he doesn’t really like what people know as “ultimate fighting.” According to him, MMA is too violent and he doesn’t like the fact that the fighters are put in some kind of a cage.

Moreover, he spoke his mind when he added that martial arts should involve respect. Jackie Chan said that when a fighter is already knocked down, the other one should stop hitting. Furthermore, he stated that the true martial artist will help the other fighter up and even ask him if he’s okay or if they should continue with the match. Clearly, all these things are not present in any MMA fight.

Final Thoughts

jackie_chan_a-fighters-pose1-232x300Jackie Chan’s personal standpoint regarding MMA is somewhat typical considering that his martial arts training was geared towards performing on stage for entertainment purposes. He has no background when it comes to full-contact fighting, competitive combat sports, or even defensive martial arts. In addition, Jackie Chan didn’t show affinity for groundwork in his martial arts choreography, unlike his predecessor Bruce Lee.

While some people such as Jackie Chan find MMA’s level of violence to be too high or do not approve of the mechanics, there are some who enjoy watching the match and see it as a combat sport that measures strength and endurance. Regardless of which type of person you are, everyone should remember that each person is entitled to his own views and should be respected for his perspectives.


Is MMA Too Brutal?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport, the style of fighting used relates to traditional and non-traditional martial arts. It combines different fighting styles, including karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Vale Tudo, Muay Thai,Brazilian Ju jitsu and many more. A Mixed Martial Artists has to cross train in a variety of styles to counter their opponent’s strengths and remain effective in all the phases of combat. Fighters battle it out in a cage with very little protective equipment on, wearing thin gloves and are barefoot. Fighters are allowed to punch, kick, grab or do anything else to their opponents to win the matches. Jackie Chan personally doesn’t like the sport.

Fighters can win a mixed martial arts match three different ways. A fighter can knockout or hold into submission his opponent, or win by a judge’s decision. A knock out means as soon as a fighter becomes unconscious due to strikes the opponent is considered the winner of the match. In many cases when a person is knocked out of consciousness they suffer a concussion. Damage to the brain caused by a concussion can last for decades after the original head injury. A concussion can cause temporary loss of brain function leading to cognitive, physical and emotional symptoms. Such as confusion, vomiting, headaches, vertigo, depression/mood swings and disturbed sleep. Symptoms can appear immediately or can take a few days or even weeks. Even after the symptoms of the concussion appear to be gone the brain is still not one- hundred percent back to normal. An athlete that returns to their sport too soon after a concussion and suffers another one can face an extremely high risk of serious brain damage.

thats-gotta-hurtRules were developed to protect the health of MMA fighters, the desire to rid the idea of “barbarism and lawlessness”, and to be recognized as a legitimate sport. There are nine different weight classes, as information about submissions were learned, differences in weight between fighters had become an important factor. Small opened fingered gloves were introduced to protect the fist and reduce cuts. Time limits were created to prevent long fights with little actions where competitors saved their energy and strength. Although there are rules fighters still sustain a variety of different injuries. The most commonly injured part of the body is the head followed by the wrist. The most frequent injuries reported are lacerations, fractures and concussions.

The media often reports MMA fighting as brutal and deadly but there are no documented cases of deaths prior to 2007. In the year 2007 Sam Vasquez collapsed after being knocked out by his opponent Vince Libardi in a fight at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. He then had two surgeries to remove blood clots in his brain. Shortly after the second operation Vasquez suffered a devastating stroke and never regained consciousness, he died on November 30, 2007. In 2010 another death occurred when Michael Kirkham was knocked out by his opponent and never regained consciousness. He was pronounced dead two days after the fight. Another example of a gruesome injury occurring during an MMA match was when Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman faced each other in an Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title fight. Silva kicked Weidman with his left leg during the second round, when Weidman raised his leg to block the kick the bones in Silva’s lower leg snapped like a twig. The fight was ended and Silva went straight to surgery and now his career is on the line.

In a study by John Hopkins University that appeared in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine they reported that a MMA fighter suffers from less traumatic brain injuries compared to those in the sport of Boxing. If a player suffers a concussion in the NRL or AFL they will most likely sit on the bench for maybe about a week, however in the UFC after a concussion, a fighter is banned for months from even sparring let alone getting back in the cage for a match.punch-300x265

The sport of MMA fighting has tight regulations to help protect its competitors and the structures such as ‘The Cage’ can actually help prevent injuries although it does make it look more like “barbaric savagery”. It has been said that the sport of MMA is safer than Boxing, this is because Boxing only allows punches above the waist and at a much closer range which guarantees there will be more blows to the head. MMA targets the full body of the opponent which can mean a safer sport for the brains of a fighter. MMA fighting seems like it could be one of the most dangerous sports played but any athlete in any sport can be injured. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2007 about 920,000 athletes under the age of 18 were treated in emergency rooms or doctors’ offices for a football-related injury. Concussions are the most reported injury sustained from playing Football but a player can be injured anywhere on their body due to harsh tackles. The force of being brought to the ground or resisting being tackled can cause a number of injuries to the body. Common injuries from soccer are ankle sprains, strained or torn muscles and concussions. Some injuries baseball or softball players suffer from are torn rotator cuff, tendonitis, muscle strains in the back and shoulders, and knee ligament injuries.

There are common injuries in any sport played, it’s just part of the game.